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Ukuvuna is dedicated to the implementation of optimised sustainable living projects within communities in Southern Africa.

Ukuvuna was established in March 2005 in response to the demand of Southern African communities, both urban and rural, for the need to diversify livelihoods programs towards climate change adaptation. The word Ukuvuna means a process or a period of gathering yield. Yield = to produce something positive or to have a rate of retain (economical, natural, agricultural or industrial). The process involves transformation, adaptability and resilience of the individual, family or society.

Due to its success, the Organisation has grown and its pioneer, John Nzira, realised that to develop further he had to formalise its structure as a registered Non-Profit Company (NPC) to attract the grants and support required to develop communities and in turn create community ownership of projects undertaken.


Ukuvuna's organisational chart.

Purpose - Ukuvuna’s purpose is to facilitate a process that enables families to improve their quality of life in harmony with nature in the SADC region.

Vision - Ukuvuna’s vision is to be a leading change-agent for transforming and creating resilient families and communities in the SADC region.

Mission - Ukuvuna’s mission is to empower communities with replicable systems, diversity models and earth-care management tools that create resilience and stewardship in SADC communities.

Food Security

Promoting sustainable food security systems at household level (to produce small grains, fruits, vegetables, small livestock, nuts and pulses as enterprise units).

Biodiversity Restoration

Awareness of climate change, afforestation, wetland management, indigenous food production, restoration of edible insects etc.

Traditional Seeds Restoration

Traditional seeds restoration i.e. revival of traditional African seeds, awareness of seed politics and systems and plant propagation.

Enterprise and Infrastructural Development

A post-harvest and promotion of local markets, building community markets and seed banks, processing and processing centres, saving clubs (where farmers deposit money together for savings and share the money at the end of the year), local banking systems. Construction of dams and bridges and rural electrification.

Health and Wellbeing

Primary health and wellbeing through encouraging healthy eating, meditation and sport.

Research and Material Development

Research and material development i.e. engaging farmers and interns into action research in partnership with local and international learning institutions.


Ukuvuna exists to facilitate the growth of healthy, happy communities and households where families take pride in their ability to ensure their own food security through Permaculture practices. Through our efforts some remarkable and inspirational narratives have sprouted.



Through trustworthy partnerships with dedicated parties Ukuvuna is able to implement its node and cluster management systems to great effect.