As a non-profit organisation we rely on sponsorships and donations from likeminded organisations and friends. Our mission is to spread knowledge for sustainable agricultural practices that actively address poverty, malnutrition and the poor quality of life experienced by so many in the SADC region.

We need your help in order to do this effectively. If you’d like to find out more about possible ways to help, please contact us.

Below are the current projects that need funding.
Please quote the project you are interested in when you contact us.

Co Funding

Most of our projects require additional or co-funding. Your donation helps us to help others at a grassroot level to uplift the entire community and help protect the environment.

Adopt a Youth

The young generation needs to be mentored and guided as they develop into adults. Our future is dependent of producing a capable and responsible emerging generation with skills and maturity to give back to the enviroment and their community. Adopt a youth provides direction and support for them.

Adopt a Tree

Planting trees is vital for so many purposes, by sponsoring trees we help the local environment and the community that plants. Trees provide us with so many resources that support our life on earth. Adopting a tree supports both humans and the environment.