Education is at the heart of Ukuvuna. Our entire initiative is built around the idea of spreading knowledge to those who need it most so they may improve theirs and the lives of those around them. At Ukuvuna we offer training sessions and courses so that others may be able to share that knowledge.

Permaculture education and training sessions at the demonstration centre include:

●     Half day Eco-garden Tour
●     Full day Permaculture Overview
●     5 day-Introduction to Permaculture Design
●     Permaculture Design Course (PDC) (6 months theory and practise)
●     1-year certificate
●     2 years Diploma

We also offer a variety of other training courses in:

●     Crop and vegetable production
●     Seed issues: Traditional seed production and saving, seed laws etc
●     Basic primary health care
●     Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, herbs & medicine
●     Natural soil improvement and fertilisers
●     Biodiversity conservation and community based natural resource management
●     Healthy ways of managing pest and diseases
●     Climate change and adaptation & mitigation
●     Appropriate natural energy saving techniques
●     Waste management and recycling
●     Entrepreneurship and Project management.

We run regular courses and on demand, we can arrange local accommodation so please contact us for a schedule and arrangements!

For more information please contact us.

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