At any given point Ukuvuna is spreading the knowledge of permaculture and sustainable agriculture throughout the SADC region and the world. These are some of the endeavours that we have going on at the moment.

If you would like to donate to either of the projects below please contact us, quoting the project you are interested in.

Assisting Victims of Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe

Ukuvuna is in unity with the victims of Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe by pledging to help 3 young victims aged between 7 years and 14 years old, from the Cyclone Idai disaster, by providing a home, education and life long skills within the systems of permaculture.

Adopt a Youth

Ukuvuna works with youth groups in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We ensure they have access to food and gain life-long skills towards contributing to their communities, whilst creating entrepreneurships. We target to link 10 youth members per year with like-minded training institutes and communities.

Urban food growing

Ukuvuna urban farming training and demonstration centre in Midrand, Johannesburg exhibits the successful integration of various food production systems (fruits, vegetables, salads, herbs, medicinal plants, nursery, honey, fish, livestock) as an example of food availability and entrepreneurships.

Food Forest Restoration / Adopt a tree

Much of the world's affected landscapes have potential for Food Forest Restoration. In Zimbabwe we prove “1 acre indigenous forest per household (adopt a tree)” brings many social, economic and ecological benefits to humans & the environment, e.g. honey, mushrooms, firewood, soil erosion, etc.

Seed Restoration

Farmers working with Ukuvuna are improving their way of living by bringing back and multiplying local seed varieties such as millet, ground nuts, beans, sesame, pulses, nuts and a wide variety of vegetables. The local seed varieties are more adaptable to unpredictable climate change phenomena.

Food Availability

Ukuvuna promotes diverse food availability systems at household level (small grains, fruits, vegetables, small livestock, nuts and pulses) whilst working with nature. Households working with Ukuvuna in Zimbabwe and South Africa produce enough food and generate income for their own families.

Water and Soil Management

Water and Soil Management is a critical element in living better with nature whilst producing food. Households working with Ukuvuna in South Africa & Zimbabwe confirm that water and soil conservation in farms improve higher crop diversity & yields towards household food availability and income.

Entrepreneurship/Skills Development

Ukuvuna & FEET work with 14 villages who promote local economy systems for better living in Zimbabwe. They engage in skills development, bridge & dam construction(fish farming), water tanks(rain water harvesting), plant nurseries, solar systems, creating small scale business within own communities.

Research and Development

Ukuvuna is open for interns and researchers from various institutions. We are currently engaged with Fambidzanai & Bindura in Zimbabwe, Rikkyo in Japan and Cornell in USA. Cross cutting issues such as climate change, HIVAIDS & gender are considered in the study processes.